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Bambara is one of the many fascinating African languages you can learn. But how does one go about learning this language? In this article, we guide you through the steps to master Bambara and will provide you with additional resources to facilitate your learning.
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Key Words and Phrases in Bambara

As in all languages, there are key words and phrases in Bambara that every beginner should know.

Greetings in Bambara

English Bambara
Hello (to one person) Í ní sɔ̀goma
Hello (to several people) Á ní sɔ̀gɔma
Welcome I densé
Good work I ni bara
Enjoy your meal I ni doumini

Adjectives in Bambara

Bambara English
bagama big
balema small
bakilu long
bagibagi short
balawuma wide
balima narrow
teyɔrɔ cheap
danman hot
bagantan cold
denmisɛn good
baasi bad
balimantan heavy
bakuru light
alisilamɛ quiet
arabu noisy

Verbs in Bambara

English Bambara
See Ye
Eat Ka dun
Speak Ka kuma
Buy Ka san
Cry Ka kasi
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The Bamacours Language Center offers you the world’s best French-Bambara translators. Speak directly with a translator via voice call or videoconference.

How to Learn Bambara Online?

You can learn Bambara online through the online private tutors of Bamacours Language Center. Other alternatives include Linguarena and Malipense websites.

1- Bamacours Language Center

The Bamacours Language Center offers online Bambara courses via videoconference to Malians abroad and expatriates living in Mali.
The overarching mission of this center is to assist Africans from the diaspora in successfully returning to their homeland and reconnecting with their cultural roots. The center strongly encourages the Malian diaspora to return and invest in their country, contribute to the development of Mali and Africa using the skills acquired abroad. In addition to Bambara courses, Bamacours connects expatriates with its network of local entrepreneurs to facilitate business start-ups for Malians returning home.
The center also offers French-Bambara translation and interpretation services for researchers, individuals, companies, and NGOs such as the Malian Red Cross, the World Health Organization, and major mining companies in Mali.
Bamacours trains around a hundred learners each year in Bambara, Soninke, and even Wolof for Senegalese.
To contact the center, you can send an email to contact@bamacours.com or directly call or WhatsApp at +223 93 90 82 40.

2- Linguarena

Linguarena is a language learning platform that offers an innovative and fun approach to improving your language skills.
With Linguarena, you can explore new linguistic worlds and learn new languages for free. Their well-designed and intuitive method allows you to learn efficiently and memorize words and phrases in record time. Whether you want to learn African languages like Swahili, Wolof, and Bambara, or more widely spoken languages like English and German, Linguarena offers a wide range of languages to discover.
Thanks to their mobile app, you can learn wherever and whenever you want, with just a few minutes of investment per day. Join Linguarena for a captivating and enriching language learning experience!

3- malipense.net

“malipense.net” is a news and information website dedicated to Mali. It provides a platform where visitors can find articles, analyses, and reports in French and Bambara on various topics related to the country. It covers areas such as politics, economy, culture, social events, and more. “malipense.net” aims to inform readers about current developments and events in Mali, providing relevant and in-depth information.
If you are looking for information on Mali in the Bambara language, this site can be a valuable resource to practice your Bambara reading skills while staying informed about the latest news and topics of interest related to the country.
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Additional Resources for Learning Bambara


Discover “Bambara Step by Step,” an engaging book written by Salif Sogoba, an expert in the Bambara language and a senior official at Mali’s Ministry of National Education. This book guides you step by step in learning Bambara, a language rich in history and oral literature. With a gradual and structured approach, you will acquire the basics of the language and develop your skills at your own pace.
“Bambara Step by Step” follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is organized in a clear and methodical way. Each unit of this book provides detailed explanations, concrete examples, and practical exercises to help you practice and strengthen your understanding and expression in Bambara. Whether you are a beginner or looking to deepen your knowledge, “Bambara Step by Step” is designed to help you master this fascinating language. Whether for personal, professional reasons, or simply out of a passion for Malian culture, this book is an excellent companion for your Bambara learning journey.
Immerse yourself in the world of Bambara with “Bambara Step by Step” and let Salif Sogoba guide you through this enriching linguistic adventure.

2- Video resources for learning Bambara

To learn Bambara through videos, you can use various resources available online:
On YouTube, you can find instructional videos such as “LEARN BAMBARA EASILY WITH SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE METHODS”. This video appears to offer tips and strategies for learning the language.
Another video, offered by the ZANGA Language School, focuses on common vocabulary to use at home. This is an excellent way to learn words and phrases that can be used in everyday life.
Another interesting video resource is offered by the French Institute of Mali. Although the details of this video are not explicitly mentioned in the search results, it may be useful to include it in your study program.
Finally, a video offering a lesson on ten useful phrases for learning to speak Bambara can also be an excellent starting point. In addition to videos, you may also consider using additional resources, such as a learning guide that offers a nine-step program to go from beginner to mastering Bambara, as well as a printable workbook for practice.
Ultimately, learning a new language requires time, patience, and regular practice. These resources should help you start your Bambara learning journey. Good luck!


To summarize, learning Bambara is a rewarding adventure accessible to all. With online courses, dedicated books, and free digital resources, you have all the tools you need to succeed. Embarking on learning Bambara also means diving into Malian culture, an educational and fascinating experience. So don’t hesitate, start your linguistic journey today, and discover the joy of speaking Bambara.

Questions about learning Bambara

  1. What is the cost of a private Bambara lesson?

    Private Bambara lessons at Bamacours are priced at 15 euros per hour. You receive a 15% discount on the hourly rate if you opt for a complete Bambara course.
  2. What are some online courses to learn Bambara?

    Bamacours Language Center offers private Bambara lessons, including online options. Another option is Linguarena, a language learning platform that offers an intuitive and well-designed method for effective learning.
  3. What are the free resources for learning Bambara?

    Linguarena provides a free learning platform. Additionally, there are many free resources available online, such as learning videos on YouTube and various websites offering free learning materials.
  4. What are the benefits of learning Bambara?

    Learning Bambara allows you to communicate with native speakers, particularly in Mali. It can also help you understand Malian culture and history. Furthermore, learning a new language can always enhance your cognitive skills and open you up to new experiences.
  5. How can I improve my Bambara learning?

    To improve your Bambara learning, make sure to practice regularly, listen to the language as much as possible, read content in Bambara, speak with native speakers, and try to immerse yourself as much as possible in the language and culture.
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